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We are an independent, multi-disciplinary and multi-agency evidence-based service offering National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) compliant assessment, formulation and diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder otherwise referred to as Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC).

Autism Surrey:

Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment and Diagnostic Service

What is ASC and what is neuro-divergence?

ASC is considered to be a lifelong neuro-developmental condition that affects how a child or person socially communicates with and socially relates to other people as well as how they experience, perceive and manage their world.  It can be positively viewed as part of human diversity.  For some, however, it can also contribute to significant levels of anxiety resulting, at times, in episodes of emotional dysregulation, especially when coping with an environment which isn't always based on their individual needs.


Neuro-divergence describes the idea that there is no right way of thinking, learning or behaving and that people experience and interact with the world around them in many different ways.  This is to be valued and respected.

Value of an assessment for your child 

We aim to conduct an accurate, detailed assessment, formulation and diagnosis (if appropriate) for your child.  We can then offer a useful framework for understanding your child and their behaviours. 


A greater understanding can:

  1.     Direct you to the right support for your family.

  2.     Help you to access relevant educational provision.

  3.     Support and inform any future interventions.

  4.     It may also help your child to make sense of their world.


It may be that the difficulties your child is experiencing are not as a result of ASC.  A formal assessment would help to rule this out, perhaps offer a differential diagnosis and a clearer understanding of your child’s profile of strengths and needs.  Please note that we would not give a diagnosis unless your child’s presentation met DSM-V criteria. 


Once we receive your initial email contact we will contact you as soon as possible, within the week, to arrange a mutually convenient time to discuss your concerns.

There is no fee for the initial telephone or online consultation at this stage.

Are our sessions online or not?

Our assessments are typically conducted Face to Face.  There is the option of the clinical interview part to be conducted remotely if the parent/client wishes.  The direct assessment with the child/ young person will always be conducted face to face either in our clinic rooms, at your home or in your child’s school.

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